PRO’s of Jigsaw Mats for Martial Arts

Do you own a Martial Arts Dojo or have a small area for sparring or grappling? If you do then you need to consider suitable flooring for your gym. It is important to ensure safety in your workspace and with Jigsaw mats, you can do just that. The team here at Jigsaw Mats 4 Martial Arts have prepared a short list of the pros of the Jigsaw Martial Arts Mats.

Jigisaw Mats

They Are Portable

Jigsaw mats are very easy to install and to uninstall. As they a similar to jigsaw puzzles, simply pack the components and they are ready for transportation. The mats are lightweight so they are easy to lift, store and move.


Our Jigsaw Martial Arts mats come in many sizes, 20mm, 30mm, and 40mm. The different thickness appeal to the different martial art form, when choosing the perfect mats for your gym look into what thickness is required for your style. For MMA and Karate try 20mm Jigsaw Mats, for Wrestling, Judo, and Ju Jitsu try 40mm, for more protection. The perfect mat for ground-based martial arts styles is the 90kg 40mm Tatami Effect, it provides excellent protection and style.


With vinyl mats’ being great for cushioning falls and throws they do not provide good support when upright. This causes the legs to worker harder to maintain control. Foam Jigsaw mats are created to provide amazing stability when in an upright stance, as well as cushioning its users when working on ground manoeuvres. The non-porous, closed cell foams add stability to the mats, allowing them to be more rigid than its vinyl counterparts and provide more support beneath the foot.

These mats are perfect for gyms and dojos of all shapes and sizes. The Jigsaw mats are available in many weights and thickness to suit all styles of martial arts. These mats are also useful for stability and safety. Purchasing Jigsaw martial arts mats allow you to move the flooring to new locations for competitions and training. Get your Jigsaw mats today from Jigsaw Mats 4 Martial Arts.

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