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Use Martial Arts Mats London to Prevent Training Injuries

Martial Arts is a great sport for all ages, improving your health and fitness, and your self-confidence too. It’s an active sport, and as we find with every dynamic sporting and fitness activity there’s always a chance of injury. The good news is that you can curtail that risk, by using the right type of flooring you can lessen your chances of serious injury. This is martial arts we’re talking about here – so you will fall down and we can’t guarantee you won’t land heavily! But what we do know is that if you use shock-absorbing Jigsaw mats For Martial Arts you can expect a softer landing. Hopefully that will mean a few bruises rather than a trip to A&E – if you have to hit the floor at least hit a padded one! Many find a real passion for the sport, some start young and continue to practise Martial Arts well into their twilight years. If you have robust and reliable flooring beneath your feet then you should be able to do that with less worry about getting injured, which means carrying on with the sport until you’re ready to hang up your belt.


What Can Martial Arts Mats Do for Me?

Well, we’ve touched on the fact that there’s less chance of serious injury, but martial arts mats can provide more than that. They provide a robust base on which you can stand more steadily and are very forgiving on your hard-working joints. If you do fall (even the best martial artist takes a tumble when faced with a skilled adversary), then you can rest assured that the mats will take the brunt of your impact – which is much better than finding yourself heading straight for a hard, wooden floor. Add to this the fact that a smooth wooden floor can be quite slippery, it’s difficult to find your footing or balance when you’re sliding around with an opponent! Martial arts mats provide a more stable surface – helping to prevent broken bones (broken toes are not uncommon). Getting a good grip can help to improve your stance and give you more confidence when practising and facing an opponent.


Does Size Matter?

When it comes to martial arts mats it’s all about the thickness. There’s a 20mm thick Jigsaw mat that’s great for those who have some experience of the sport and are looking for flooring that allows them to be nimble. Or you can go for the thicker 40mm MMA mats that provides more in the way of padding, cushioning you against a fall (great if you’re newer to the sport or feel more confident having a softer floor beneath your feet). Whichever you choose the padding and grip will provide you with the chance to hone your martial art skills, in a bid to become stronger and more confident.


Are Martial Arts Mats for Me?

The best way to prevent injury is to train properly, to increase your flexibility and body conditioning. However even if you do everything right you can still expect a few bumps and bruises – this is a contact sport after all! Martial Arts mats can help to minimise the chance of serious injury, great if you want to become a confident and skilled martial artist.


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