Installing Rubber Mats

Rubber mats are highly versatile flooring solutions. All you need is a flat, even surface, and you can place the mats down. Vulcanised rubber is nonporous, so it can be installed outdoors. Concrete floors are well suited for the installation of rubber flooring, taking glue especially well, providing a permanent flooring solution to a shed, […]

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Recycling Sports Mats

Minimising the environmental impact of the products and goods that we purchase is incredibly important. This isn’t a recent issue, however. From the first day that foam was produced and cut to size, the discussion of what to do with the scrap from the manufacturing process has been on the minds of industry experts and […]

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Wall Pads for MMA

There is nothing scarier for a coach or gym owner than one of their students being injured. Wall pads are designed to minimise the risk of injury by absorbing impact. If you haven’t already purchased wall mats for your gym, you need them in your gym as an added level of protection. The wall mats […]

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