Looking for a Breakin’ Mat? Here’s Why You Should Choose EVA Jigsaw Mats

“My breakin’ mat is like a magic carpet. When I’m on it, I discover things I never knew existed.”


Good breakin’ mats should have the right amount of cushioning to give you the confidence to try out moves you wouldn’t dare attempt otherwise. They should also be easy to set up and remove so that you can spend most of your time on the main act – practicing, showing off your skills, wiping the floor with a rival crew – rather than on preliminaries. Of course, portability is a must if you’re the kind of breaker who likes to bust a couple moves when the mood strikes, location be damned. A good breakin’ mat should also be usable on a wide variety of surfaces.


You’re probably wondering if there is a mat type that checks these and other boxes. The answer is ‘yes,’ and the mat type is ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) jigsaw. Let’s look at the reason why they should be the only item on your breakin’ mats list.


They Offer the Right Kind of Cushioning

EVA jigsaw mats are made from a material with millions of tiny bubbles – closed cells, in geek speak – which is why they are so cushiony. However, the type of cushioning these mats offer isn’t mushy, like a low-density foam mattress, but firm, so they provide the kind of balance between softness and springiness that breakers need. This springy softness also reduces the fatigue that comes from being on your feet for hours on end.


They Are Sturdy and Durable

Offering the right kind of cushioning would mean little if these mats had to be replaced every few weeks. Thankfully, EVA jigsaw mats are sturdy and durable. This hardiness is due to the nature of ethylene-vinyl acetate, which resists strain, cracking, damp and ultraviolet radiation very well.


They Are Light, Slip-resistant, and Easy to Use

EVA jigsaw mats are an excellent choice if you often break on the move. They are highly portable, resist slipping – useful if you find yourself breakin’ on smooth surfaces – and, most importantly, are dead easy to use, which means you can put together a stage for a banging show in a few minutes.


Grab Bag

There are other reasons why EVA jigsaw mats make such a great choice for breakin’. For instance, they offer just the right level of friction – not too much, which would make it impossible to pull off moves such as backspins, and not too little, which can rob breakers of control and dial up the risk of accidents and injury.


And if you’re like the vast majority of breakers, you probably have a street-smart sense of style, so you’ll be happy to hear that these mats are available in a breathtaking range of colors. There’s literally a color for every mood and occasion. In addition, EVA jigsaw mats have excellent sound-absorbing properties, so you can practice your moves without keeping the neighbors up. These mats are also a breeze to clean.


Closing Thoughts

If the fear of hard floors and injury has been keeping you from being all the breaker you can be, EVA jigsaw mats may be exactly what the breakin’ doctor ordered. Not only do they offer a good balance between softness and springiness, but also the right amount of friction, which is essential for control. These mats are also slip resistant and sturdy. They’re available in a wide range of colors, so you can get mats that complement your breakin’ outfits.


Author – The Literary Alchemist

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