Finance Your Martial Arts Gym Fit out with Klarna

It’s just got easier to outfit your gym with new fitness mats: British Martial Arts Mats has partnered with Klarna to bring you a flexible payment plan. Instead of paying for everything upfront, by using Klarna you can split your bill into three equal payments which are collected every 30 days. This allows a little of breathing space to spread out your bill. Let’s examine what Klarna offers for you, and how you can use it to extend payment plans on the martial arts mats and equipment that you purchase on the site.

What is Klarna?

Klarna has partnered with 15 000 retailers in the UK (250 000 worldwide) to put the freedom of shopping into the hands of the customer. They’ve created “a series of products and services that allow you to shop, pay, and bank on your own terms.” They offer three credit products in the UK: 1. Pay in 3, 2. Pay in 30 days, and 3. a longer financing term option. In order to use Klarna, you must be a resident of the UK over the age of 18.

Pay in 3

With the pay in 3 plan, you can spread your payments out between three payments, each set 30 days apart. The first payment, one third of the purchase price, will be due at checkout on the day that you buy the product. The next payment will come 30 days later, followed by another payment 30 days later. These payments are automatically scheduled and are set up with either the bank account or credit card you input at checkout.

Pay in 30 Days

An altogether flexible payment plan, pay in 30 days means you do not suffer from sticker shock at the price of your products at checkout. Instead, the amount that you paid for your products will be due in 30 days, giving you enough time to get the funds together and to pay it then.

Klarna conducts a soft check of your eligibility assessments on each ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ purchase, but this will not have any effect on your credit score. If you fall behind on a payment, Klarna will work with you to help manage your payment plan, referring you to a debt collection agency. There won’t be any additional fees because of the process.


For more expensive products, Klarna offers a traditional regulated credit product which spaces payment out between six and 36 months. Most financing sales, over 93%, are interest free, whilst the highest interest rate charged is 18.9%. At checkout, when you select a financing option, you can choose your preferred payment plan, and you’ll be notified upfront whether there will be an interest rate attached. Klarna offers instant approval of those eligible, which allows you to complete your order right away. This credit check is a hard credit check, and therefore it may affect your credit.

Before any payment is due, Klarna will notify you, allowing you to set up automatic payments or to pay any specified amount, including the entire balance.

What’s the easiest way to purchase through Klarna?

The Klarna app is the easiest way to use the products offered by Klarna. Simply download the app, search of the products that you’re looking to buy, press the pink K button, and you’ll be able to create a one-time credit card with the exact value of your purchase. Now you can pay by pasting the credit card details in at checkout.

By using the app, when you select Pay in 3 instalments or Pay in 30 days, you’ll also have the option to hit the ‘snooze’ button, which gives you an extra 10 days to make your next pay period. This option is still free from any fees or interest, and will not be met with any penalties. This allows you to squeeze out any extra time that you have to be able to make payments on the products that you buy.

The app also allows you to make collections of your favourite items. After curating those items, you will be sent notifications if any of the items are on sale. Klarna also makes it easy for you to find weekly deals and price drops, giving you access to exclusive deals that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

From the app, you can also view all the purchases and transactions you’ve made, manage payments, handle returns and refunds, learn details about delivery tracking, and even learn the CO2 emission footprint on your purchases.

What’s their customer service like?

Overall, from the reviews I’ve seen, they offer products and services that are easy to use and uncomplicated, which means you shouldn’t run into too many problems while using their payment plan services. However, if you do, they handle complaints in a prompt and efficient manner, whilst being professional and positive.

There are three ways to get a hold of them if you have questions or concerns with any of their payment plans. The first is calling them on their telephone number, which is (+44) 0808 189 3333. You can also submit a complaint electronically through Klarna’s customer service webpage, and a representative will chat with you online. There’s also an option to view feedback and complaints on their website, and this allows you to see if any issue you’re currently struggling with is the same as a past customer’s complaint.

Double Protection on Your Purchases

I like to think of using Klarna as another form of protection to prevent against fraud. If I was purchasing products on a website that I had never used before, Klarna is the best way to limit exposure of your finances to potentially harmful e-commerce websites. But by purchasing products on British Martial Arts Mats through Klarna you can be guaranteed double protection on the things that you’re buying. Let me explain:

No Quibble 30 Day Returns

We know you’ll love the products and services that we offer. But, if for any reason you’re not totally satisfied with them—either you receive products that are damaged, have faults, or even if you just changed your mind—contact British Martial Arts Mats (Webmettle Ltd) either by phone, email, or even using the handy chat function in the bottom right corner of the website. Webmettle Ltd will require a description of the issue and photographic evidence if there is damage. Check out more information on our website.

Payment Protection through Klarna

Klarna also acts as an intermediary, allowing you to be assured that when you need to return a product, it will be accomplished. Since the interests of Klarna are on the line with you, they’ll help you as you work to get a refund for any products or services that you’ve purchased. This allows you to have a double protection on all the purchases that you make through Klarna.


In this global economic situation, it’s nice to know that you can spread out your purchases, allowing you to budget and make sure that you have everything that you need for the essentials in your life. Klarna offers that little bit of wiggle room you need to make ends meet at the end of every month, and through their Pay in 3 and Pay in 30 days plans you can defer the full payment of your martial arts mats and equipment until a later, specified date. And this puts the power of your finances in your own hands with Klarna.


Author: David Van Kooten

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