Things to bear in mind when purchasing your mats

Buy once, buy for the long term don’t waste money with cheap alternatives that won’t last the test of time. Properly cared for, your mats will retain re-sale value.
Reversible tiles. Buy puzzle mats in 1m reversible tiles. Traditional sports mats don’t fit together, they’re much larger and have different surfaces that are easily ripped and can’t be ‘flipped’. Our EVA mats are reversible and tessellate, if one tile gets damaged you can flip it or switch it out, you just don’t have that luxury with old style matting.

EVA PU densities. Its important to get that PU and EVA balance.


Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) shock absorbing properties are often employed for use in sports equipment padding such as boxing and mixed martial arts. But it’s not enough just to absorb the impact, no one wants dents in their mats after a few gym sessions. The mats need to be durable, wipe-able and have that all important ‘memory’ so that they return to their original state, that’s where the Polyurethane (PU) comes in. Get too much PU though and you may as well be buying carpet underlay… get the picture? Beware there are jigsaw type mats out there that are essentially that! Our mats have the following characteristics;


Compression Strength 25% : 0.40 kg/cm³
Compression Set 25% : Under 3.5%
Water Absorption : under 0.003 g/cm³
Liner Shrinkage 70°C : ±5.0%
Thermal Conductivity : Under 0.04 (kal/ °C)
Edge : Each mat comes with with four interlocking edges and border strips included.

EVA has many applications and characteristics.

What type of mat do I need?

Old fashioned mats are easily torn, slippy (no tatami grip), non reversible, have no memory, do not tessellate, slip all over the floor causing injuries, cannot be flipped, cannot be cut to size to fit rooms, heavy and cumbersome to carry, they are not built to last.


At martial arts mats Ireland, the price you see in your basket is what you pay. If you can get a better price elsewhere email us on or call us on the number advertised on our home page.

What colours are available?

We currently sell reversible red/blue and red/black in 20mm and 40mm. 12mm are solid blue.

Are there cheaper mats available?

There are cheaper mats available, beware they are likely not EVA and often not bi-tone. You only want to purchase your mats once.. get value mats but buy too cheap and its a false economy.

What are your methods of payment?

We accept SEPA payments. PayPal, Stripe and Amazon Pay Credit card payments online.

What about grip? What is Tatami and other types of mat patterns?

Grip is obviously important for martial arts and related tatami sports. The ‘T’ or tatami grip we have in our products is recommended and endorsed by 5 Thunder Chinese Martial Arts Association. This pattern is used across the industry of kickboxing, Taekwondo, MMA, Karate and Aikido.

5 Thunder approved!

Our Jigsaw mats are approved by Master Steven Burtons 5 Thunder Chinese Martial arts Association. Our organisation often assists in promoting Dim Mak, Drunken Boxing and Be your own Body Guard courses alongside 5 Thunder Martial arts association.

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