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Impact Tatami mats focus on elite performance athletes at the highest level. British Martial Arts Mats have the sole supplier agreement for the UK.

The majority of Impact Tatami mats are made from XPE polyethylene foam as opposed to the regular EVA mats. XPE stands out from EVA and EPE alternatives leading the way with durability, shock-absorption, fire regulation and its odourless!

Impact tatami mats are the gold standard in athletic training with its technologically advanced manufacturing process. They are soft and lighter than their EVA alternatives and at the same time absorb more impact.  They prevent moisture absorption and are anti-microbial.

So what is Impact Tatami’s XPE mat?

XPE is a cross-linked polyethylene foam. Through a chemically unique process, a mutual cross-linking occurs between polyethylene particles, creating a netlike structure. As a result, once cured, the walls of the material form an embedded cellular structure. Strong, dense, and durable, XPE is a collection of fine-celled particles which have superior physical and chemical properties.

Another added benefit of polyethylene foam is that it has strong rigidity. When an athlete steps on the mat, the mat will spring back to its original shape almost instantly. This allows for great shock absorption for athletes who land on the mat.

Because of the manufacturing process, XPE foam has a soft outer shell which is resistant to moisture. XPE mats have low moisture permeability. This means that XPE mats posses antimicrobial qualities which make them extremely useful to use in athletic training, where sweat may come into contact with the mat.

For more information about the key differences between XPE, EVA, Rubber and EPE see our blog.



Made from Closed Cell EVA so no water is absorbed.


Easily cut to fit with a Stanley knife.

Edging strips included.