Karate Mats

Karate Tatami Mats UK. Jigsaw EVA Tatami Mats 1m x 1m soft gym mats for safe sparring. Stand-up combat sports such as sport Karate or Kickboxing generally prefer high grip dimple T-pattern for high traction non-slip agility. Sparring mats can be 20mm 30mm or 40mm thick when head protection is used. Karate jigsaw mats UK can be flipped when marked thus prolonging life. They are easily wiped and should be cleaned with sugar soap or soapy water and never chemical cleaners as they may react with the EVA. Mats can be cut to fit with standard carpet knife. All mats are supplied complete with edging strips. Safety tip, avoid gaps between mats (toe traps), consider switching mats or moving the damaged mat to the perimeter.

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