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Indoor Walkway EVA Jigsaw Mats Ultra High 330kg/cbm Density 1.22m x 0.91m x 20mm

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These EVA Jigsaw mats are 330kg/cbm ultra high density. Measuring 1.22m (4ft) x 0.91m (3ft) x 20mm. Weighting 7.3 kgs each these mats are easy to fit. These are much denser than the traditional EVA jigsaw mats which normally are in the range of 80kg/cbm (80kgs of EVA per cubic meter) to 120kg/cbm. The mats are very durable and have a very good grip but do not have the elasticity of the other martial arts mats so are not recommended for high impact activities such as weight training or martial arts. If they are used for weight training they may leave dents.


** No edging strips

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