Judo Mat 2m x 1m x 40mm Green

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British Martial Arts Mats Reviews with ekomi.co.uk
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Green 2m Judo Mats

2m x 1m x 40mm

A Standard Tatami surface with latex anti-slip base.

Made from 14lb chip foam core for high shock absorption.

Heat sealed welded corners

230kg/cbm density.

Made PVC+PU+Sponge+Anti-slip

Passed BS EN 12503:2013 TEST

Critical fall height test of 1.5m

Judo Mat Layouts and Dimensions for Randori To Competition – British Martial Arts Mats (jigsawmats4martialarts.co.uk)

Why is olive green traditionally used as a colour for Judo mats?

The traditional color of Judo mats being olive green does not appear to have a specific historical reason documented widely. Green 2m Judo Mats, traditionally known as “tatami,” are an essential part of Judo training and competition environments. The color of these mats may vary, and olive green is one of the common colors used, along with others like red or blue.

Historically, the original Judo tatami mats were made from rice straw and other natural materials, which might have contributed to their natural, earthy tones. However, the specific choice of olive green as a traditional color for Judo mats is not explicitly mentioned in historical sources or Judo literature.

In modern times, Green 2m Judo Mats mats are made from various synthetic materials, and their color is often chosen based on practical considerations, such as visibility, contrast with the Judo gi (uniform), and aesthetic preferences of the dojo or competition organizers. The use of different colored mats can also help in distinguishing between competition areas or for televising the sport.

It’s important to note that while olive green might be a common color for Judo mats, it is not a standardized or universally mandated color in the sport. The International Judo Federation (IJF), for example, specifies certain requirements for competition mats, including dimensions and safety features, but does not mandate a specific color.

British Martial Arts Mats Reviews with ekomi.co.uk