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Tuf Wear Pro Fingerless Bag Gloves

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Bag Gloves

Quality hide leather fingerless bag gloves with wrap around wrist strap for great security and wrist support. Well padded for a fingerless glove, great for comfort and training for speed punching.

Why should I wear bag gloves?

Wearing bag gloves, specifically designed for boxing or martial arts training, serves several important purposes:

  1. Protection for Hands: These punching gloves are padded to protect the hands from injuries. The padding absorbs and distributes the force generated when hitting heavy bags, mitts, or other training equipment, reducing the risk of bruises, cuts, and fractures.
  2. Wrist Support: Many bag gloves are designed with wrist support to help stabilize the wrist when throwing punches. This support helps prevent wrist injuries, such as sprains or strains, by ensuring the wrist is aligned properly with the hand and forearm during impact.
  3. Enhanced Performance: The design of bag gloves can help improve punching technique by allowing for proper fist formation and alignment. Some gloves are also weighted or have specific shapes to enhance training intensity and improve speed, power, and accuracy.
  4. Comfort: these gloves are often made with materials that wick away sweat, keeping the hands cooler and more comfortable during long training sessions. This can help fighters train longer and more effectively.
  5. Hygiene: Using personal bag mitts helps maintain hygiene by preventing the spread of germs and bacteria, which can be an issue with shared gym equipment.

In summary, wearing bag mitts is essential for anyone participating in boxing or martial arts training with heavy bags or striking pads, as they provide protection, support, and improved training efficiency.

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British Martial Arts Mats Reviews with ekomi.co.uk