What is Revolut Pay?
Revolut Pay is a smart checkout and payment method available to any online customers
regardless of whether you have a Revolut account or not. It lets you save your details, so
you can checkout faster in the future. If you have a Revolut account, the payment will be
debited from it. If you don’t, the payment will be debited from the card you provide
What are the benefits of Revolut Pay?
● Convenience – You won’t need to input your card details at checkout. Once you set
Revolut Pay up for the first time, it safely saves your cards across stores and
websites so you can benefit from a one-click checkout experience
● Security – By making payments within the Revolut ecosystem, you’ll know your
payment is secure and protected
● Rewards – Earn cashback when signing up to Revolut and access tons of features
in the Revolut app
How can I redeem the cashback offer?
If you’re not a Revolut customer, you can earn up to £20 cashback. Simply head to the
checkout once you’ve added your items to the basket and choose Revolut Pay as your
payment method. If you’re interested in the offer, you’ll get an email inviting you to create a
Revolut account. Once you’ve done so, you’ll just need to follow the steps in the app to get
your cashback. T&Cs apply.
How do I use Revolut Pay?
To use Revolut Pay, simply choose it as your payment method at checkout. If you’ve
previously used Revolut Pay, you’ll be asked to confirm your details. If you’re using it for the
first time, you’ll need to input the details first. We may ask for further verification as well.
To learn more about Revolut Pay, click here.