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Can Martial Arts Jigsaw Mats Help to Improve Performance?

Can Martial Arts Mats Help to Improve Performance?

If you’re going to do something, you may as well do it properly. So, if you’re going to practise martial arts, then optimise your performance by making sure the space you use is spot on. What constitutes an ideal space in which to practise? You should have plenty of room, decent lighting (natural and artificial as necessary) and suitable flooring, in the form of martial arts mats.


Our team here at Jigsaw Mats 4 Martial Arts know all about providing functional flooring that works well in a dojo or gym. We provide martial arts mats that do more than just create a good-looking workout area, they provide a useable and practical space for an active and energetic session. Our martial arts mats are used in combat sports such taekwondo and kickboxing, they are hard wearing and robust and provide a great base on which enthusiasts can hone their skills and improve their art.


Martial Arts Mats for Confidence

A hard floor can cause injury and leave you feeling reluctant to throw yourself fully into the fray for fear of getting hurt. Martial arts mats eliminate the worry and reticent. If you do fall hard you will have a relatively soft landing! Martial arts mats provide a much better experience and allow the artist to build confidence in his or her own ability.


Martial Arts Mats for Shock-Absorption

Dense martial arts mats provide a generous floor cover, ensuring that the area is safe, supportive and very shock-absorbing (to cope with the many falls and throws endured during practise)! A decent floor covering could be the difference between a small bruise and a trip to hospital!


Martial Arts Mats for Youngsters

If you’re trying to encourage youngsters to get active and get into martial arts its essential that you provide a fitting space for them to learn in. Kids and teens tend to get stuck in, they will want to show off what they’ve learnt so lay the right foundations to help them on their way.



Martial Arts Mats for Multiple Uses

The soft and springy mats can be used for all manner of purposes. Following a martial arts session, you could cool down with a few yoga stretches or relax with a spot of meditation (much better carried out on yielding martial arts mats than on a cold, solid floor)!


Martial Arts Mats to Help You Reach Your Goals

If you feel at ease while practising martial arts and feel like you can really give it your all then you have more chance of improving and reaching your goals. We recommend 20mm mats for striking sports, 30mm mats for MMA and 40mm Jigsaw Mats for Grappling and Jiu Jitzu


Martial Arts Mats from Jigsaw Mats

Great for gyms and dojos large and small, Jigsaw mats are available in a variety of thickness and weights to suit your needs. They are safe and encourage stability, they are also portable, so you can move the flooring to wherever it needed for training and competitions. Get your Jigsaw mats today from Jigsaw Mats 4 Martial Arts.

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