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Jigsaw Mats Care

jigsaw mats care
Prolong your jigsaw mats like with these useful tips.

Cleaning Your Mats.

Avoid strong detergents and chemicals. Cleaning agents like these can react with EVA jigsaw mats, they may fade, erode or even melt. We recommend using sugar soap or soapy water, yes our mats are water resistant.

Anti bacteria. All our EVA jigsaw mats are anti-bacterial by design. So there is no need to be concerned about bacteria breaking into the mats integrity and getting locked inside. Traditional PU open cell mats can lock bacteria in.

Sharp objects. There is always someone who just wont take their high heels off, usually spectators during gradings or events. Chair legs are also a common issue. Depending on your mats density you should not leave heavy objects sitting on the EVA mats for extended periods. Examples might be heavy weights or running machines. A better solution for this would be very high density EVA or better still solid rubber. Obviously falling on higher density mats is not recommended.

Mat teeth. When buying your mats understand that all manufacturers use a different jig guillotine to cut the mats. That means that they probably wont fit a mat from another supplier. Mats are made in Asia, mostly China. None are made in the UK so your supplier wont make a mat to fit your existing ones if they don’t already stock them. Bearing this in mind along with the expensive shipping costs its an idea to purchase a few spares especially if you are going to be taking the floor up and down regularly. Yes all our mats are reversible which is a distinct advantage over traditional PU mats. With hall time tables being fully booked we often are tempted to rip jigsaw mats apart quickly to get out, this is when some teeth can be torn off. If this sounds like you consider a higher density mat as they are more durable. Make sure any mats with missing teeth are ideally replaced or used in the perimeter so that toe holes are minimised. Another convenient but more expensive option is foldaway mats or rolling mats.

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