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  • Hardness. Mat hardness is measured as ShoreC using a durometer (pictured). The higher the number the more resistance to indentation. If you want longer lasting mats go for a higher ShoreC measurement.
  • Density. Density is measured by the amount of material (normally EVA but can be EPE or XPE) that is packed into a cubic meter. 120kg/cbm would be higher end, 80kg/cbm low end.
  • Production Tolerance. Manufacturers have different standards. Our manufacturers are carefully chosen over almost 2 decades of experience.
  • Colour Consistency. Manufacturers should be able to reproduce consistent colours over years, important for repeat orders.
  • Deformation. Production problems with equipment, foaming and other issues like cooling can cause deformation. We only choose the best manufacturers with proven quality systems.
  • Uneven Surface. Mishandling, low quality sample checks give rise to poor quality in this regard. Air pockets can form under the mat skin and easily expose holes in the mat surface. Our manufacturers use tested systems and methods, quality samples with Mill standard.

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