Roll Out Mats: Tips to Find the Perfect Mat

Roll Out Mats: Tips to Find the Perfect Mat

Not all martial arts mats are made the same, and roll out mats are one of the most versatile mats available on the market. They’re great to use because they’re easy to deploy, and by simply rolling mats out, you can have a full fighting surface.

With multiple mats put together, you can fill a full gym, offering increased fall protection to the athletes in your gym. Rollout mats offer impact protection from critical heights over 1.5 m, which allows martial artists the ability to practise difficult combinations of movements, including trips, throws, and kicks.

In this article, we will discuss:

  • What is a roll out mat?
  • How to assemble/disassemble rollout mats
  • Differences in types of rollout mats
  • Tips to outfit your gym with them


What is a roll out mat?

You’ve probably already seen rollout mats used before in the Olympics, and they’re the go to for wrestling mats and gymnastics mats in international competitions. The reason rollout mats are heavily used by professional and amateur athletes is that there is simply no better way to cover large swaths of hard surfaces than rollout mats. These mats lay flat, and have an anti-slip base, making them suitable for use on concrete floors.

Rollout mats are made from a cross-linked polyethylene foam (XPE), a closed cell foam which offers superior cushioning ability and quality. When an athlete falls on XPE foam, the mats form to the shape of their body, creating a cushion that impedes their fall.

These mats are perfect to use for many types of martial arts training, including judo, jiu jitsu, kickboxing, wrestling, and MMA. They are also great to use for many types of sports, including gymnastics, cheerleading, and even crash mats for indoor training for contact sports like rugby. They are also great to use for a home gym, as they make a great training surface in multipurpose rooms.


Assembling the mats

There are two different ways to assemble rollout mats: tape and velcro. Some people use tape to hold together rollout mats, and although it is certainly a quick way to do it, tape may not hold up during the rigours of combat sports events. Mats may slide apart, creating a gap in between them which athletes could fall into, resulting in injury.

Another way to assemble a rollout mat is to use Velcro to create a smooth surface. Velcro uses interlocking connector pieces, which helps to hold the mats together better than tape.

Also, when assembling the mats, make sure to fully roll out the mats roll, making sure that the mats line up and are exact matches. With the size of some of the rollout mats, it’s hard to get the mats lined up with one another. This is where having a helper can come in handy as you can slide the mats together easier, creating exact matches.


Differences in roll out mats

When purchasing martial arts mats, there are many types of matting available, and this is especially true with rollout mats. Depending on where you purchase them, you may notice a difference in surface texture, quality, and price. We’re going to discuss all the differences that you may come across when purchasing roll out MMA mats.

Sizes of roll out BJJ mats

One of the best things about roll out mats is the ability to cover extensive areas. Most rollout mats have a width of 1.5 m, but the length can vary depending on the needs. The longer mats will weigh more when rolled up into cylindrical rolls. Rollout mats are available in three different lengths:

All three sizes are incredibly popular, especially depending on the uses of the mats. For example, martial art instructors who meet their clients at their homes or at a space that they rent can easily purchase the smaller sized mats. With a 3 m sized roll, you can easily create a mobile training space, which can easily be deployed and then torn down at the end of the training.


Depending on where you buy your mats from, they may be different thicknesses, which can affect fall protection capabilities. All the Tatami Gym mats sold by British Martial Arts Mats are 40mm thick, offering a fall protection from critical heights over 1.5 m. Other mats offered on other websites may be thinner and may not be as durable.


Another important thing to keep in mind is the surface texture of the roll out mats that you purchase. Some mats feature a carpet-like surface texture which can be very uncomfortable for martial arts and gymnastics training. Not only does the surface texture of these gymnastics mats offer higher friction, which can cause mat burn, they also absorb sweat and liquids. As a result, these mats can be difficult to clean and maintain, whilst being more slippery than mats with other surfaces.

Alternatively, mats with a tatami pattern on the surface are great for anti-slip flooring. The tatami pattern mimics the style of woven Japanese mats. They’re great to use for martial arts training as you can work on your ground game, and not worry about getting friction burns.

Price/ Quality

Of the many other requirements, the price of the mats that you purchase may be the most important. When you search for roll out mats on other websites, you won’t be able to find the same quality of mats for the price as you do on British Martial Arts Mats.


Tips to outfit your gym with rollout mats

Purchasing rollout mats is an enormous investment, and that’s why you should consider the quantity of mats that you need. Let’s examine three tips to help you transform your training space with roll out mats:

  1. Quantity of mats

You can find the total number of mats that you need by calculating the square metres of the room that you’re kitting out. Measure the length and width of the room to calculate the square metres, and, if you’re looking to purchase some wall padding, you can even measure the height of the room.

  1. Colour

Roll out mats are available in three different colours—blue, grey, and black—and this allows you to customise your layout to create your own bespoke mat pattern. You may choose to mix-and-match, choosing to use different coloured mats to differentiate between the fighting surface and safe areas. You may also be particular about having all the mats be only exact matches, providing you with one uniform surface colour.

If you are interested in getting a lot of one colour of mat, give us a ring to check to see if we have that colour in stock. You can find our contact information on our Contact Page.

  1. Invest in some roll out mat hand carts

One of the most frustrating things about purchasing a tonne of roll out mats is having to cart them to and from the training centre. They’re not exactly light, and you’ll be huffing and puffing once you carry them up 5 flights of stairs. That’s why I’d suggest purchasing a hand cart to move all your mats to the location. Even if your van is parked outside, having a couple of hand carts can significantly decrease the time and effort required to set up your training centre.



Purchasing rollout mats may be one of the best investments you make in your martial arts training. Except for judo mats, rollout mats may be the best mats that we sell on British Martial Arts Mats. You have the freedom to set up wherever you would like, easily deploying up to 12 m of mat, allowing you to have a safe, comfortable surface to train on. These mats are also incredibly easy to tear down, especially if you purchase handcarts.


Author: David Van Kooten

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