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Boxing Mats

Flooring for boxing, both inside and outside the ring, needs to meet specific criteria for safety, performance, and durability. The type of flooring can vary depending on whether it’s for training, competition, or outdoor use. Here’s a breakdown of suitable flooring options and their characteristics:

Inside the Boxing Ring

Canvas Covering over Foam Padding

  • Characteristics: Traditional boxing rings use a canvas covering stretched over foam padding, which is then placed over the ring’s wood or metal frame. The canvas provides a non-slip surface that’s crucial for footwork and stability during fights. The foam padding underneath offers shock absorption to protect athletes from injuries when they fall or are knocked down.
  • Advantages: Durable, provides excellent grip, and the foam padding offers good shock absorption.
  • Disadvantages: The canvas can be abrasive and may cause burns or scrapes upon prolonged contact.

Outside the Boxing Ring (Training Areas)

EVA Foam Tiles

  • Characteristics: EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam tiles are lightweight, offer excellent cushioning, and are easy to assemble and disassemble. They’re softer than rubber and provide a comfortable surface for exercises that involve being on the floor.
  • Advantages: Lightweight, portable, and provides excellent cushioning for high-impact exercises.
  • Disadvantages: Less durable than rubber, can be damaged by heavy equipment or intense footwork drills.
  • Key Considerations for Choosing Boxing Flooring

    • Safety: Shock absorption and a non-slip surface are critical for preventing injuries.
    • Durability: The flooring should withstand repetitive use, heavy foot traffic, and the impact of equipment.
    • Maintenance: Consider how easy the flooring is to clean and maintain, especially for outdoor options that may require more upkeep.
    • Performance: The flooring should facilitate optimal athletic performance, allowing for quick movements without hindering footwork.

    When selecting flooring for boxing, whether inside or outside the ring, it’s essential to balance these considerations with the specific needs of the athletes and the training or competition environment.

Made from Closed Cell EVA so no water is absorbed.


Easily cut to fit with a Stanley knife.

Edging strips included.