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Judo Mats UK: Judo is a dynamic combat sport where the object is to throw or take an opponent to the ground. Only the best mats are used in judo competitions, those mats that have both an anti-slip texture and shock absorbing capabilities. In order to provide cushioning for a fall, the best judo mats have a shock absorbing core made from high-density foam.

With standard mats, the coating on the outside can burn and irritate the skin. Nothing hurts worse than mat burn. The flat judo mats on British Martial Arts Mats have a surface texture that keeps athletes safe and provides stability to avoid friction. Each mat is styled after tatami mats, traditional mats used to line the floors in Japanese homes. Tatami features slight ridges that grip the bottom of combatants feet, creating a safer training surface for elite athletes.

Flat Judo Mats Compared With Other Types of Mats

There are almost as many types of mats as there are martial arts. The goal is to find a mat that’s tailored to your specific needs. Let’s look at two types of mats which compare to flat judo mats: roll out mats and jigsaw mats.

Roll out mats are huge mats, usually filling an entire gym floor, and are the economical choice for athletic mats. Roll out mats can be easily rolled up and moved around, but that mobility has a cost. Roll out mats lack an anti-slip base, and most need to be taped or velcroed together when used in a competition, and these can come loose. However, flat judo mats have an anti-slip latex base which locks it in place. Because of the smooth surface texture, most roll out mats become slippery when sweated on, but flat mats with a tatami texture offer a unique footing for combatants. If you’re involved in serious grappling, then a flat judo mat is for you.

Jigsaw mats are also a common style of athletic mats and are easily the most affordable mat on the market. However, you pay for quality, and since puzzle mats are often made from porous materials, germs and bacteria can fester between the seams, and even finding their way into the mats themselves. Flat judo mats have an outer coating which is made from a combination of PVC and Polyurethane, wrapped around high-density foam with a latex anti-slip bottom.

Because of friction, jigsaw mats also break down faster than flat mats. The seams of puzzle mats experience the most wear and tear, and the unique puzzle pattern breaks down over time. Boasting a much longer life, flat judo mats are made from more durable material.

-Dave Van Kooten

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