MMA Mats

MMA Mats UK. Mixed Martial Arts Jigsaw tatami mats for BJJ, Jiujitsu and MMA. Our MMA mats vary in density from 90kg/cbm to 120kg/cbm. The higher density mats are heavier, absorb more impact, are more durable and harder wearing. It is the density that generally drives the price due to the amount of EVA in the mat. The softer mats are more comfortable for groundwork but are slightly less hard wearing. Each mats measures 1.05m 1.05m including its edging strips and 1m x 1m with edging removed. Mats are either 30mm or 40mm in depth. Take into account the surface that the mats will be laid on e.g. carpet vs concrete as this is obviously a component into the thickness of mat required as it weather practitioners are using head protection. The grip of the mat is a factor, we offer both high traction dimple effect, sometimes known as T-Pattern. This grip is well suited to stand up combat sports which changed direction quickly such as ‘Blitzing’ techniques used in Sport Karate and Kickboxing. The dimple grip is however quite abrasive for groundwork. Tatami grip is good for stand up martial arts but less burn for ground sports such as MMA.

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