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    Rubber Blue Fleck Gym Mats Weight Training 1m x 1m x 15mm

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    Rubber Blue Fleck Gym Jigsaw Mats Weight Training 1m x 1m x 10mm

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    Rubber Blue Fleck Gym Mats Weight Training 1m x 1m x 20mm

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Rubber Gym Mats

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Rubber mats are an incredibly durable athletic flooring solution. They provide superior impact absorption whilst also being durable and preventing damage to floors underneath. Rubber floors are suitable inside home gyms, commercial gyms, fitness centres, and martial arts training centres and have found an almost universal appeal by the fitness community. Let’s talk about the best reasons to invest in rubber flooring for your own gym. Below you’ll find the three main reasons to purchase rubber flooring:

Gym floor mats absorb impacts.

Unlike any other athletic flooring, rubber mats can handle impacts from heavy weights, dispersing the weight throughout the entire surface. In fact, even thin rubber mats can provide a significant layer of protection for the subfloors and floors in your home. With rubber flooring, you’ll enjoy an increased level of safety, as the weights that you use are prevented from bouncing out of control.

The impact absorption qualities of rubber mats have to do with how rubber mats are created. Formed in a crucible of heat and pressure, both virgin rubber and vulcanised rubber are compressed under extreme pressure, which creates a durable compound. Also, vulcanised rubber is treated with a special chemical compound and heated to create a nonporous workout mat. These mats are waterproof, and dirt and debris cannot seep into the mats.

Rubber mats are useful for athletes when training using heavy weights. Like no other mat available, rubber mats prevent against dents, scuffs, or rips in the barbells, weights, and workout equipment that you regularly use. In fact, you’ll notice that if you drop a barbell loaded with weight on your rubber mats after performing a dead lift, the barbell will have some spring to it, and may even bounce up. Rubber mats come in handy for places in the gym where athletes train heavyweights (75kgs and up), and they provide a layer of cushioning underneath their feet.

They provide traction

Rubber mats provide a great deal of friction, allowing you to have the best footing when performing complex Olympic lifts. This makes them incredibly useful to farmers, who use the mats in horse and cow stalls for nonslip flooring that provides traction for their animals. Even when covered with water, rubber mats are easy to walk on, and prevent against slips, trips, and falls. Some rubber mats even have stud dot or amoebic surface textures, which add to the grip on the surface of the mats.

You may notice when you use rubber mats that you’re able to “dig in” before a big lift, setting your feet on the mats firmly as you grasp the bar and pull out the slack. From my personal experience, there is nothing that boosts your confidence more than knowing that you are protected when you step onto rubber mats. Rubber mats allow you to put yourself in the right headspace, knowing that what’s underneath your feet is providing you with a solid foundation to destroy your last personal record.

These rubber mats are incredibly durable.

Rubber mats are also one of the most resilient flooring solutions available on the market. The best anti-slip rubber mats can handle chemicals and corrosive materials, and that’s why you may see rubber flooring at job sites, manufacturing centres, and factories throughout the UK. Simply wipe the mat’s surface off, spray it with a little water from a pressure washer, and the mat should be good to go. Rubber mats are also great outdoors; you can use them for dog runs, anti-fatigue flooring in a shop or garage, and even for walkways.

You can find rubber mats in both slab and jigsaw types, and this variety allows you to find the perfect rubber mat for whatever purposes. If you’re interested in learning more about how to install rubber mats, check out this article: Installing Rubber Mats.

Rubber mats are becoming one of the most popular choices for gym flooring, as they provide many benefits that other types of flooring and matting cannot. They not only offer a high level of protection against damage, but their impact absorption qualities also make them very safe to use with heavy weights. Being waterproof, they can be used in

Rubber gym mats make your gym safer.

Classic gym mats, such as the foam interlocking mats and carpeted tiles, get potentially damaged, torn or scuffed in a gym environment where weights are involved. These super-agility gym mats are designed to protect your gym floor and equipment whilst providing the right cushioning for comfort. Plus, rubber gym floor mats are non-slip, adding an extra layer of protection in your gym and reducing the chance of injury injuries.


Which gym mat is the best?

When it comes to a gym mat, rubber floor mats are the best option for strength and conditioning gyms as they provide excellent durability, slip-resistance and comfort. Finding the best gym floor mats for your gym depends on the type of activities you’ll be doing. If you’re looking for a high-quality and durable mat, rubber mats protect your gym flooring, studio equipment and heavy gym accessories.

Are gym mats worth it?

If you have a home gym or a commercial gym, the matting is 100% worth it. While risk damaging your floor, accidents happen, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Investing in rubber mats helps protect your gym floor and equipment while providing added protection and comfort to your athletes. Not only will you be covering your areas, but mats can also add style and aesthetics to any space.

What is a suitable thickness for an exercise mat?

When choosing a gym mat, the size of an exercise mat depends on the activity. So this question comes down to what you are doing; if you are using heavy equipment, go for the thick mat and if you’re doing lighter exercises, go for a thinner mat.

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Rubber mats are becoming an increasingly popular choice for gym flooring due to their durability, slip-resistance, and impact absorption qualities. These rubber mats provide a solid foundation for gym athletes to exercise safely and can even be used as yoga training mat, so the versatility of these is endless. The best type of rubber mat depends on the activity being done; heavier activities require thicker mats, while lighter activities can use thinner ones. Investing in rubber gym mats is beneficial as they protect the floor and equipment while providing added comfort to those exercising. Furthermore, these functional mats can add style and aesthetics to any space. The price of a gym mat is above with has a good range, so there will be something for everyone, so get your floor protected today.

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