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12m x 1.5m x 40mm Roll Out Mats Velcro

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British Martial Arts Mats Reviews with ekomi.co.uk
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12m blue rollout mat: Light weight XPE roll out mats for rapid deployment of MMA flooring. These mats quickly Velcro together to ensure you have minimal setup time.

These foam mats are a scientific wonder in and of themselves. XPE foam is a cross-linked polyethylene foam which is made through a process of high-pressure and heat, but the major key that sets it apart from other mats is that XPE foam is made in long sheets. Using a sheet extrusion machine, XPE foam is stretched over metal rollers, casting a long, continuous mat which can be made to any length. This process doesn’t involve any greasy release agents which could cause a slippery surface.

In contrast, EVA foam mats are created when EVA plastic is heated and injected into mould. The foam is left to cool and expand, and after a set amount of time, the mould is opened and the EVA foam mat is taken out. The mould is coated in a release agent, a chemical emulsion which stops the EVA foam from sticking to the mould. In very many ways, it’s like a non-stick coating on a pan, and just like that EVA foam mats suffer from the greasy discharge of this release agent. This coating disappears after a short period of time, but for those initial sparring sessions you lose the traction you so desperately need.

When you buy XPE mats (as per 12m blue rollout mat), you purchase a quality mat, of which you can expect to experience the same level of grip from the first day that you use it. There’s no breaking-in period. These rollout mats feature a vinyl coating which is welded at the corners to avoid tearing. They easily Velcro together, and this helps you to avoid the mats coming apart and creating gaps which can cause injuries. 12m blue rollout mat with tatami finish are great all round mat surface for groundwork and standup, rapidly deployed and stowed away. However, if you are thinking of transporting them you will need quite a large vat to accommodate this mat, measuring 1.5 length and 85-88cm diameter..

British Martial Arts Mats Reviews with ekomi.co.uk