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Balboa PU Wall Pad Target

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Durable Punching target comprised of heavy duty synthetic leather shell, featuring highly visible target areas for targeted combination strike patterns.

This Tuf Wear boxing wall padding comes complete with all wall fittings to easily attach punching pads to a place of your choice. Bring your boxing practice home and train anytime with the Tuf Wear Boxing Wall Target Punching Pad.

– Synthetic leather construction

– High visible target area

– Easy assembly
– Fittings included

– Tuf Wear branded

Approx Dimensions

Weight: 14.6kg (32lbs)

Dimensions: Length=59.5cm (23.4″), Width=28cm (11″), Height:: 52.5cm (20.6″)

Should I choose a wall pad or a traditional punch bag?

Consider the following when shopping for either wall targets or punch bags as they are quite different sets of equipment.

1. Space Efficiency

  • Compact Design: Wall pads are mounted directly onto a wall, making them an ideal choice for spaces where a hanging punch bag would be impractical. This is particularly advantageous in smaller training areas or home gyms where floor space is limited.
  • No Swinging: Unlike hanging punch bags, wall pads don’t swing. This eliminates the need for clearance around the bag, further saving space.

2. Stability and Consistency

  • Stable Impact Surface: Wall pads provide a stable and consistent surface for impact, which is beneficial for practicing specific striking techniques, such as straight punches, hooks, elbows, and knee strikes, with precision.
  • Safety: The lack of movement in a wall pad can reduce the risk of injury from an unpredictably swinging bag, especially for beginners learning proper form.

3. Specificity of Training

  • Targeted Training: Wall targets can be positioned at specific heights to simulate different striking zones on an opponent’s body, allowing for more focused training on head, body, and leg strikes.
  • Combination Drills: They are excellent for practicing combination drills and rapid-fire strikes, as the fighter doesn’t need to adjust for the bag’s movement.

4. Durability

  • Robust Construction: Wall targets are designed to absorb repeated high-impact strikes without significant wear, making them a durable option for facilities that see heavy use.

5. Versatility

  • Multi-User Training: In a class setting, several wall pads can be mounted at various heights and positions, allowing multiple users to train simultaneously with different objectives.
  • Adaptable for Different Martial Arts: They are suitable for a variety of martial arts training, including boxing, Muay Thai, karate, and Taekwondo, due to their versatility in setup and use.

Limitations to Consider

While wall strike pads offer many benefits, they do not completely replace the unique training advantages of traditional punch bags, such as practicing timing, power, and movement with a swinging target. Fighters often use wall pads in conjunction with hanging bags to achieve a well-rounded training regimen.

In choosing between a wall strike pad and a traditional punch bag, consider your training goals, available space, and the type of martial arts or fitness regimen you’re following. Many practitioners find having access to both types of equipment beneficial for a comprehensive workout.

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