Martial Arts Tatami Jigsaw Foam Mats 20mm Red Blue Karate Taekwondo

£9.00 inc.Vat

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1-49 £11.00
50-99 £10.00
100+ £9.00


Martial Arts Mats UK. 20 mm EVA Jigsaw Foam Mats for Karate, Kickboxing and Taekwondo. Kickboxing Mats Soft Flooring: 20mm x 1m x 1m jigsaw mat are a favourite for kickboxing sparring rings. WAKO approved rings are 6m x 6m and 8m x 8m for major final events. Some rings have safe areas also. Mats are bi-tone and reversible which facilitates zonal marking, for example safe areas and fighter start points. The advantage of a puzzle mat is that if damaged you can either flip one section of a mat or replace it. With larger old fashioned mats this was not possible. The mats are made from PU and EVA which not only has a high impact but has a ‘memory’ which resets to its original shape after impact. All mats are waterproof and wipe able making them easy to maintain. We sell 20mm kickboxing mats in various colours, densities and grips. The higher the density the more impact the mat can absorb before it ‘goes to zero’, that’s the point when you hit the floor! However, lighter practitioners prefer softer mats, they may not require high density mats if the mats are being fitted on top of a carpet with underlay for example. You may consider thicker softer mats in some cases, we sell both 30mm kickboxing mats and 40mm. Our mats are designed for long life, you don’t want to be purchasing mats every year, buy once and by quality. If you require mats shipped to Ireland see our Irish kickboxing mats.

Jigsaw Mats 4 Martial Arts Offer The Widest Range Of Quality Jigsaw Mats UK Has To offer. Browse Our Stock And Get In Touch For A Quote Today.

Jigsaw Mats 4 Martial Arts Uk Have A Quality Range Of 20mm Jigsaw Mats Which Are Perfect For Striking Sports Including Boxing, Taekwondo, Kickboxing Etc. Get In Touch Today

Jigsaw Mats 4 Martial Arts Uk Have A Quality Range Of 30mm Jigsaw Mats Which Are Perfect For MMA. They Are Light Ennough For Staying On The Feet While Provding Enough Cushion For Takedowns. Get In Touch Today

Jigsaw Mats 4 Martial Arts Uk Have A Quality Range Of 40mm Jigsaw Mats Which Are Perfect For Grappling Sports Including Jiu Jitzu, Wrestling Or MMA. Get In Touch Today

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