MMA Essential Training Equipment

Mixed martial arts training is a great way to work on your flexibility, lose weight, and gain a sense of confidence in your athletic ability. But before you begin, there are some pieces of equipment that you should consider picking up. Purchasing protective equipment will allow you to safely train difficult combinations of punches and […]

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MMA Mats Guide

The fighting surface of an MMA gym forms the foundation of all future training, and the best MMA mats provide cushioning for falls, grip for fighters, and prevent injuries. Mixed martial arts is a hybrid sport, drawing together many combat sports disciplines under one umbrella. Therefore, the martial arts mats that you use need to […]

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Installing Rubber Mats

Rubber mats are highly versatile flooring solutions. All you need is a flat, even surface, and you can place the mats down. Vulcanised rubber is nonporous, so it can be installed outdoors. Concrete floors are well suited for the installation of rubber flooring, taking glue especially well, providing a permanent flooring solution to a shed, […]

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