Kickboxing Mats

Kickboxing Mats: Explode off the marks! Blitz Blitz Blitz with high grip dimple effect jigsaw mats. High density durable and high impact competition grade Kickboxing mats. 20mm 30mm and 40mm mats available DIRECT from our warehouse. Rapidly setup safe gym flooring for club or competition. Our mats fit together just like a jigsaw puzzle and can be cut to fit with a standard carpet knife. Mats are reversible so damaged mats are not an issue. Different colour zones can be created such as start points and safe areas or just for club aesthetics. Mats are all 1m x 1m without edging strips.

Mats are made from EVA which is by far the most popular material. EPE and XPE mats can be ordered on request, they are however substantially more expensive. We supply mats to major world championships and club use, should you need advise on the best mat for your discipline please reach out via the contact us page.

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