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30mm BJJ Jigsaw Mats Red/Blue

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Soft Flooing: 30mm x 1m x 1m jigsaw mats. These interlocking reversible mats are a popular choice for BJJ and groundwork sports. They can also be used for stand-up combat such as karate, kickboxing, taekwondo. 

By using your competitors’ strength against them, your goal in BJJ is to perform a throw and get your opponent to the ground. From there, you can control your opponent on the ground by gaining a dominant position and forcing your opponent to submit. With all that time you spend doing groundwork, you need a mat perfectly designed to give you traction, and yet designed to prevent mat burn.

These mats have a non-slip, Tatami surface with raised textured ridges which are modelled after traditional Japanese mats. The benefit of this surface is that when you’re pushing up on your feet, trying to get the right leverage to perform a Kimura, you’ll be able to gain that edge and force a submission. This mat creates the perfect amount of friction—not too much to cause a mat burn, and yet enough to make a quick movement—and this feature makes it the perfect mat to use for sparring, where you’re learning new movements and advanced techniques. 30 mm thick EVA foam provides protection from falls and offers superior cushioning ability when compared to other MMA mats.

In addition,  the Tatami surface is great for stand-up combat sports like karate, kickboxing, and taekwondo. It provides enough grip for quick blitzing movements prevalent in striking.

Interlocking jigsaw connectors create a seamless fighting space. Although extremely durable to regular use, these mats are easily cut with a utility knife, and this allows you to cut the mats to fit the needs of your gym.

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Made from Closed Cell EVA so no water is absorbed.


Easily cut to fit with a Stanley knife.

Edging strips included.


Labelled Grading Age: Ages 5 and up

Age Group Applied in Testing: Ages 3 and up

Tests Passed:

(1) EN 71-1: 2014+A1: 2018: Mechanical and Physical Properties

(2) EN 71-2:2011+A1:2014: Flammability

(3) EN 71-3:2013+A1:2014: Migration of certain elements

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