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Tuf Wear Punch Bag Black Red Blue 4FT 5FT 6FT

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durable 4ft/5ft/6ft punch bag

Available in Red Black and Blue

Featuring a hard wearing quality PU outer with hanging straps and D-ring attached. The Tuf Wear Synthetic Leather Punch bag is pre-filled with shredded fabric to avoid lumps and no gaps. Every bag passes through an X Ray machine before leaving the factory, to ensure that no sharp objects have inadvertently entered the bag. The punchbag adorns a large vertical brand logo

– 4 Hanging Straps

– Tuf Wear branded

Approx. Dimensions 4FT Punch bag:

Bag Length: 4FT / 48 inches / 122cm

Diameter: 13 inches / 33cm

Weight: 28-30kg

Approx. Dimensions 5FT Punch bag:

Bag Length: 5FT / 60 inches / 153cm

Diameter: 13 inches / 33cm

Weight: 32-34kg

Approx. Dimensions 6FT Punch bag:

Bag Length: 6FT / 72 inches / 183cm

Diameter: 13 inches / 33cm

Weight: 38-40kg

What are the advantages of a 6ft punch bag over 4ft or 5ft?

A 6ft punching bag offers several advantages over shorter 4ft or 5ft bags, making it a preferred choice for certain types of training and practitioners. The differences in size impact the bag’s use, the variety of workouts possible, and the training outcomes. Here are some key advantages of choosing a 6ft punching bag:

1. Versatility in Training

  • Full-Range Strikes: The additional length allows for a broader range of strikes, including low kicks, knee strikes, and sweeps that are closer to real-life fighting scenarios, especially useful for Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and MMA practitioners.
  • Combination Training: It’s easier to practice combinations that transition from high to low targets, enhancing the realism and effectiveness of training.

2. Better for Kicks

  • Lower Target Area: The extended length provides a lower target area, making it more suitable for practicing leg kicks and knee strikes, essential components of many martial arts disciplines.
  • Improved Technique: Training with a longer bag can help improve the technique and power of low kicks, as the practitioner must adjust their angle and approach to effectively strike lower targets.

3. Weight and Stability

  • Increased Weight: Typically, a 6ft bag will weigh more than shorter bags, offering more resistance to strikes. This can be beneficial for building power and strength in punches and kicks.
  • Reduced Swinging: The additional weight and length can result in less swinging when hit, making it easier to practice techniques without waiting for the bag to stabilize.

4. Conditioning and Endurance

  • Physical Conditioning: Working with a heavier and longer bag can enhance overall physical conditioning, as it requires more force to move and stabilize the bag during training.
  • Endurance Training: The effort needed to engage with a larger, heavier bag over time can also improve cardiovascular endurance and stamina.

5. Realism

  • Simulation of Opponent: The size of a 6ft bag can more closely simulate the height and reach of an actual opponent, providing a more realistic training experience, especially for taller fighters.

6. Suitability for All Heights

  • Inclusive Training: Taller individuals or those with longer reach may find the 6ft bag more accommodating for full-body workouts, allowing them to fully extend kicks and punches without limitations.


While a 6ft punching bag offers many benefits, it’s also important to consider your training space, as these bags require more room, both for storage and safe use. Additionally, they may not be necessary for everyone, especially those focusing purely on boxing or upper-body striking techniques. The choice between bag sizes should ultimately be guided by your specific training needs, goals, and the martial arts disciplines you practice.

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British Martial Arts Mats Reviews with ekomi.co.uk